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Y5 goes back to Victorian Times

Posted: 17th January 2024

Victorian Day at Weston Green School

Our Year 5 Victorian Day was a delightful journey into the past. The morning assembly set a reverent tone with a traditional hymn and prayer, preceded by a hand cleanliness check. In maths, children learned about pounds, shilling and pence, and during English neat handwriting was the order of the day. In true Victorian style, lessons came with the threat of the dunce’s hat and cane. The children went on to learn Victorian songs, and, with reluctance, fitness drills.


The afternoon workshop offered hands-on experiences with artefacts, sewing, and writing with quill pens. The day culminated in a Brunel-inspired bridge-building task, displaying the creativity of our budding engineers.

Dressing Up

Special thanks goes to all the parents for helping the children look the part for our special – from chimney sweeps to gentry, everyone looked incredible.

Here’s to more exciting learning adventures!