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Getting Your Child Ready for Reception: A Parent’s Guide

Posted: 28th February 2024

Starting Reception marks a major milestone in a child’s life which can evoke a mixture of anticipation and apprehension. Yet, through thoughtful preparation and encouragement, this transition can be smooth and enjoyable for everyone.. Here are several practical steps you can take at home to prepare your child for their exciting educational journey.  

Establishing a Routine

A key aspect of getting your child ready for reception is creating a consistent daily schedule. This involves setting regular wake-up times, meal times, and bedtime routines. With a structured routine in place, children can feel more confident and ready to embrace the routines they’ll experience at school.

Encouraging Independence

In Reception children start to develop their independence. Encourage your child to practise simple tasks by themselves, such as:

  • Dressing themselves, including putting on coats and shoes

  • Using the bathroom independently

  • Tidying up after themselves

  • Using a knife and fork

Building these skills will help your child feel more confident and capable when they start school.

Developing Social Skills

Engaging in social activities is essential during a child’s time in reception. Help your child’s social development by arranging playdates, encouraging sharing and taking turns, and discussing the value of kindness and empathy. These experiences will equip your child to form positive bonds with classmates and teachers as they navigate school life.

Introducing School Concepts

Introduce your child with basic school concepts to ease their transition into reception. This can involve discussing the daily school routine, including activities like assembly, circle time, and playtime. Additionally, read books about starting school and engage in imaginative play where your child can pretend to be a pupil or teacher.

Here are a few book suggestions:

  • First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd

  • Jellybean Goes to School by Margaret Roc

  • My First Day by Leilani Sparrow

Visit the School

If possible, arrange a visit to the school before your child starts reception. This can help them to become familiar with the surroundings and ease any apprehensions they may have about the unfamiliar setting.

At Weston Green School,  we prepare our Pre Prep children for the transition into Reception with a range of different events. All children take part in a ‘Move up Day’, when the children spend a day in their new class, getting to know staff and beginning to discuss routines and expectations. There is also a ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ when children and parents come together to celebrate the end of Pre Prep and the start of Reception. Induction days for both new children joining the school and induction meetings for parents are also key to the transition process. Our school values and Learner Profiles are introduced in Pre Prep and this vocabulary is then used and developed once the children enter Reception and begin their journey through Lower and Upper Prep. 

Talk about school

Highlight the topic of school in everyday conversation. Ask your child about their thoughts and feelings about starting school and encourage them to talk about things they are looking forward to and things they may be worried about. Have a positive attitude when talking about school with your child, highlighting the exciting opportunities and enjoyable experiences awaiting them, rather than dwelling on any anxieties or apprehensions.


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