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Celebrating World Book Day

Posted: 8th March 2024

World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity for children to share their love of reading and have some fun! 

Weston Green’s children will be dressing up as a rhyme of their choice to bring poetry to life.

Whether it be a parrot and a carrot, a clown with a crown or a hairy fairy,

The idea is to celebrate rhythm and rhyme and the bonkers ways poetry can be written!

Staff must be on guard! Throughout the day, bells will ring and a favourite poem will be performed by their class teachers with as much pazazz as a saxophonist doing jazz!

Yesterday at Weston Green School, the halls were alive with the sound of rhyme as both children and staff celebrated World Book Day with inspired costumes! From apes with capes to DJ’s in PJ’s, creativity flourished as children embodied their favourite rhymes. The staff also took part with ‘Mrs Ranger Danger’ our Admissions Manager and ‘Azmina Ballerina’ our Deputy Head, donning their fantastic costumes!

The day began with a whole school assembly, where verse and rhyme took center stage. Laughter and excitement filled the air as staff and children showcased their love for poetry, setting the tone for the day’s festivities.

Following the assembly, a colourful parade took place outside , with everyone showcasing their imaginative costumes and even breaking into spontaneous dancing! It was a wonderful to see the school community come together in the spirit of literature and creativity.

Throughout the day, children stopped to immerse themselves in the magic of poetry during special “Pause for a Poem” moments. These brief interludes provided opportunities for staff to share their favourite poems and stories, inspiring appreciation for the written word.

After lunch, House Captains engaged their house teams with captivating readings of their favourite stories. It was a heartwarming display as they bonded over their shared love of literature.

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