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House Team Lunch

Posted: 23rd May 2024

We held our first ever House Team Lunches on Wednesday 22nd May. The children left their usual routine of sitting in year groups with their peers and gathered at one of four House tables, sharing lunch and getting to know their House teammates. 

Positive Feedback and Future Plans

The atmosphere was fun and the children shared their positive feedback through phase assemblies with many requesting that House lunches happen perhaps once a term.  One child said that the experience was ‘really nice’ as it allowed her to connect with her Housemates and engage in meaningful conversations.  Echoing this sentiment, another child highlighting that she loved the chance to chat to the younger children. A further child remarked that it was really interesting to hear about the younger children’s experiences and perspectives on school life. 

Building a Stronger Community

The House Team Lunch was a success and marks the beginning of further cultivating a sense of community and belonging among students. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from the participants are testament to the value of such initiatives in enriching the overall student experience.