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Science in Action: Sheep Eye Dissection 

Posted: 31st May 2024

Our Year 6 children embarked on an exciting scientific journey this week by dissecting a sheep’s eye as part of their science curriculum. This hands-on activity allowed them to explore the fascinating anatomy of the eye, enhancing their understanding of how vision works.

Guided Exploration of Eye Anatomy

Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, Dr Summers and Mrs Daniel, the children carefully examined the different parts of the eye, including the cornea, lens, retina, and optic nerve. They discovered how the lens functions by observing how it highlighted words on a page placed behind it. During the lesson, they marvelled at the complexity of these structures and discussed the functions of each part, deepening their appreciation for the wonders of biology.

Fostering Curiosity and Knowledge

This practical experience not only reinforced their theoretical knowledge but also sparked a sense of curiosity and excitement about the natural world. We are incredibly proud of our budding scientists for their enthusiasm and keen observations during this activity.

Celebrating our Young Scientists

Well done, Year 6! Keep up the fantastic work and continue to explore the wonders of science! Find out more about our science curriculum here