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Ensuring a Smooth Transition from Pre Prep to Reception

Posted: 8th April 2024

Embarking on their educational path with Reception is a significant step in a child’s development. At Weston Green School, we understand the importance of this transition and carefully lay the groundwork for our children in our Pre Prep classes. We ensure they are well-prepared, possessing the essential skills and confidence to thrive as they transition into their new academic environment

Introducing Early Literacy and Numeracy Concepts

Within our Nursery, the core approach to learning centres on child-led activities; play, exploration, and enquiry. As children approach the pre-reception year, we gradually integrate fundamental literacy and numeracy concepts. 

Children take part in daily phonics activities and are introduced to the Sounds Write programme which is used throughout the school.  Books are always available for the children to share and  story time sessions take place each day.  The children also take part in a range of numeracy activities, including hands-on practical problem solving, number games and puzzles.

This establishes the groundwork for the structured learning encounters they will face in Reception.

Pen Handling and Mark Making

Prior to mastering handwriting, children must develop fine and gross motor skills essential for gripping and holding a pencil. Mark making serves as a foundational skill for writing, involving children in creating various marks like lines, dots, shapes, or patterns. Weston Green School integrates diverse opportunities for mark making throughout the curriculum.

Through engaging in mark making activities like painting, brushes in sand, sticks in dry rice  children develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen hand and finger muscles and develop their pencil grip. This means that our Pre Prep children progress onto Reception with the ability to confidently hold a pencil, ready to excel with their handwriting.

Introducing Classroom Routines and Expectations

To ease the transition into Reception, we gradually introduce the routines and expectations of a Reception classroom environment. 

We support the transition with moving up sessions, which give the children the opportunity to  meet their new Reception teacher in their new classroom.  Induction events for parents and plenty of opportunities to mix with the current Reception classes. Children become familiar with the classroom, daily routines, and expected behaviour which helps to alleviate any anxiety they may have about the transition.

We want our children to be excited about the move into Reception.  During their time in Pre Prep they will have become independent in their self care and  learnt how to put their coats and shoes on.  They will be curious and eager to learn and be good listeners and communicators.  They will have learnt the importance of sharing and taking turns and will be beginning to be able to work alone for short periods of time.


Joining Our Reception Class From Another Nursery

If your child is joining us from another setting, our carefully thought out induction process guarantees a seamless integration into Reception. 

Children are invited to taster sessions where they meet the Reception team and have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities within and outside the classroom. There are two taster sessions: one session where parents are invited to stay and another where we encourage the children to be dropped off.  We invite parents back later on the same day to formally meet members of the Early Years team during which we will share a presentation outlining the ethos and curriculum across Reception at Weston Green, the structure for practicalities of the school day and any other information that you may need. If you are unable to attend we will make the slides available for you.  Drinks and light refreshments will be available and we hope that this is not only an opportunity to meet the staff team but make connections with fellow Reception parents.

Read our handy guide ‘Getting Your Child Ready for Reception – a Parent’s Guide for some practical steps you can take at home to prepare your child for the beginning of their exciting educational journey.


Storytime Adventure and Toddler Tunes

Join us for Storytime Adventure and Toddler Tunes on June 11th from 9:30am to 11:00am. Enjoy a free, fun, interactive session with your child, featuring a reading of ‘What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday’ and a lively Toddler Tunes music session. To book your free spot, contact Mrs. Ranger at 020 8398 2778.

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